Martins Sopp

South-South Fellow



Marital status: married and father of 6 children and 3 adopted children.
Educational achievements: Masters’ Degree, Sociology of Development, with emphasis in development planning and Policy analysis, Licence de langue francaise, Diploma in Arabic language and Oriental Studies.
Certified National Trainer in “Development Education, “under UN-HABITAT-UNDP and the Liberia Institute of Public Administration”, with specific interests in Leadership and Good Governance, Local Economy Development, Human-Rights, Peace Building, Mediation and Conflicts Resolution, Fundamentals of associative life, Civic Education and Advocacy and Social Audit.
Present Employer and Title:  I have been working as Program Specialist and Lead trainer with Tetra Tech DPK Mitigating Land Disputes in Liberia for the past 2 years. Globally, I design programs which aim to reduce land conflicts, train citizens on land education (land reform policy and land laws) train groups on how to identify, prioritize and resolve security threats including those related to land disputes in their area. I also organize and give support to mediation session of land disputes.
In the past 18 years, I have been involved in social works with various NGOS working primarily in Peace Building, resettlement and re-integration of Internally Displaced Persons and refugee-returnees; then provision of relief assistance and livelihood empowerment.  The next phase of my work was work in the transition from relief assistance to the development phase and I was the architect of the county Development Agenda an initiative that took into account 4 priority needs of development as expressed by the citizens throughout Liberia so that these priorities constituted the action of government’ focus during the reconstruction period.
From 2007, I have been working for the development of civil society and advocacy. The combination of all these works has been the factor behind my election as Chair of the civil Society in Nimba and Chair of the Nimba Human-Rights Coalition.
During my free time, I love reading (philosophy, spiritism, antiquities, futurology), travelling and watching football matches.