Salai Cung Lian Thawng

South-South Fellow



Professional Experience

Strategic Advisor, Pyoe Pin

March 2012 to present

  • Provide advice and inputs into the design, development and implementation of the Programme, based on understanding and knowledge of Myanmar¿s environmental, social, geo-political and economic environment
  • Develop and facilitate local, regional and national organizations and individuals (including NGOs, CSOs, media, academic and the private sector) to build coalitions and networks around issues of forestry and land governance
  • Undertake organizational and institutional assessments of prospective partners
  • Manage Environment and Forestry projects funded by the programme
  • Identify and advise on risks relating to project activities


Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist and Head of Programme Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Myanmar

April 2009 to February 2012

  • Facilitate formulation of UNDP Myanmar development work plan and development of project annual work plans
  • Develop analytical framework and criteria for resource allocation to projects and to specific townships (within projects)
  • Lead appraisal of Micro Project Proposals submitted by NGOs
  • Manage the Programme Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) unit
  • Define strategies, policies and guidelines for M&E and reporting: produce UNDP Myanmar-specific M&E policies, guidelines and tools ;collaborate with UNDP programme staff in planning and regularly revising M&E and reporting components
  • Lead Outcome and Impact Assessments: Plan timing, methodology, implementation, analysis, reporting and feedback mechanisms of the Outcome and Impact Assessments; Quality assurance on methodology, statistical analysis and interpretation of the data collected and Report;
  • Oversee, interpret and communicate to stakeholders the tracking of key impact, outcome and output indicators of UNDP¿s results framework

Consultant, Impact Assessment of Human Development Initiative Programme, UNDP, Myanmar

September 2008 to March 2009

  • Review the programme/project documents, and related studies.
  • Prepare and substantiate a list of outcome/impact Indicators and clearly spell out measurement values of the Indicators
  • Prepare questionnaire for household level data collection.
  • Develop and finalize sample frame for collection of data that is representative of the programme impact.
  • Prepare a detailed work plan for field data collection, data entry, data cleaning, data analysis and tabulation, and report writing.
  • Develop training guideline/manual for the field data collection. Ensure effective implementation of training of data collectors and analysts.
  • Organize proper supervision at each level of the data collection, data processing and analysis works. Provide quality assurance for data collection data entry and data cleaning.
  • Conduct data analysis and draft a report

Programme Officer, ECODEV, Myanmar

June 2007 to August 2008

  • Design, plan and deliver ECODEV¿s community forestry (CF) technical backstopping services to food security working group (supporting national and international NGOs implementing CF programme through Capacity Building for Food Security Project)
  • Provide technical assistance to communities in developing CF management plan; Design and provide training on CF and land use planning & community based natural resources management as well as land tenure rights
  • Serve as assistant team leader of national study group on ¿Education, Training and public awareness on climate change¿ which was under Initial National Communication for Climate Change led by National Commission for Environmental Affairs)
  • Implement integrated rural development and energy efficiency in Dryzone
  • Coordinate ECODEV¿s technical services and projects, focusing on achievement of results effectively and efficiently
  • Facilitate ECODEV¿s technical services in socio-economic surveys and assessments (Serve as lead consultant in 3 technical services)

Forestry Expert, Equitech, Thailand (part time ¿ 5 working days per month)

March 2006 to February 2007

  • Develop business plan for forestry portfolio investment
  • Conduct biophysical and economic assessment for investment (in Thailand and Lao People¿s Democratic Republic)
  • Conduct initial cost benefit analysis for specific investment plans
  • Assess and certify small scale plantations (from contract farming)

Junior lecturer and field instructor, University of Forestry, Ministry of Forestry, Myanmar

January 2002 to April 2005

  • Lecture forest management and statistics &research design
  • Organize field exercise for undergraduate forestry students and supervise them in field studies
  • Serve as Project Manager for  Sintauh Community Forestry Programme  ;
  • Design community based natural resources management programme
  • Facilitate and lead integrated community level planning and develop a detailed work plan for the programme
  • Assess training and extension needs of the community for forestry activities
  • Organize trainings, prepare and disseminate extension materials
  • Coordinate and ensure effective implementation of the program, with an emphasis on community participation and ownership
  • Liaise with Forest Department and local authority
    • Involve as research associate in joint research (by Kyoto University and University of Forestry, Yezin) on ¿Sustainable Management and Indigenous Uses of Forest Resources in Myanmar (2003-2004)

Other Experiences

  • Member of National Expert Group for Climate Change (2008-2009) in preparation for Initial National Communication
  • Member of National Technical Committee for Integrated Households Living Conditions Assessment conducted by Myanmar Government (Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and UNICEF (2008-2010)
  • Member of Task Force for National Rural Development Strategy (on-going)


B.SC, Forestry, University of Forestry, Yezin, Myanmar

M. SC, Natural Resources Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand