South-South Fellows

The two-year CPRP project brings together important professionals, policy-makers, scholars, and civil society leaders across areas that are recovering from challenging transitions of political and civil challenge. The project connects major local figures who are instrumental in promoting and cultivating an organic relationship between state-building and peaceful development.

The CPRP project will sponsor workshops and conferences that unite dynamic and engaged practitioners of peacebuilding in relation to statebuilding from Asia in relation to Africa, including countries of West Africa. The program promotes mutual experience and understanding between practitioners of peaceful and sustainable development in relation to progressive state building who are located in different parts of the non-Western world. In the workshops, special though not exclusive emphasis will be placed on issues of land concession, management of natural resources for export, and sustainable agrarian livelihoods. In recent years, all the countries represented by workshop participants have embarked on major resource development schemes underwritten by state agreement or authority. The CPRP program has identified fellows to participate in the workshops as key individuals with special insight, understanding, and practical or critical engagement with such development schemes and related processes in their countries of primary residence.

CPRP West African Fellows

Name Country of Primary Residence
Pewee Flomoku Liberia
Ali Kaba Liberia
Djomba Mara Guinea
Johnny Ndebe Liberia
Sarah Passawe Liberia
Martins Sopp Liberia

CPRP Asia/Oceania Fellows

Name Country of Primary Residence
Gerelmaa Amgaabazar Mongolia
Martin Brash Papua New Guinea
SiuSue Mark Myanmar
Tuya Shagdar Mongolia
Salai Cung Liang Thawng Myanmar