Project Meetings

This project identifies, cultivates, and enhances positive postconflict development among four key contiguous countries of West Africa ¿ Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Ivory Coast; comparatively assesses their potentials for emergent recovery following civil war or traumatic sociopolitical transition vis-à-vis selected countries of Inner Asia and Southeast Asia; and applies these patterns to understanding postconflict recovery across Sub-Saharan Africa generally.  Drawing on previous engaged work, the project galvanizes local and national knowledge by African professionals concerning statebuilding in relation to peacebuilding and throws this knowledge into comparative relief through cross-regional learning vis-à-vis postconflict recovery in selected parts of Inner and Southeast Asia. 

Following a project trip and above-mentioned work in and across countries of the Mano region of West Africa, we will undertake comparative project trips to countries of Inner and Southeast Asia with which we have particular previous project experience, contacts, and/or interest, including Mongolia, Nepal/northern India, Laos and/or Cambodia, and Papua New Guinea. The Comparative Postconflict Recovery Project will focus ¿on the ground¿ in the 4 countries of West Africa and extended Southeast and Inner Asia while being organizationally based at Emory University.

Our pilot project trips are designed to investigate and solidify contacts for future workshops and dialogues. In-region meetings will be organized concerning best practices of postconflict recovery within and across Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Ivory Coast; meetings concerning similar practices in Inner and Southeast Asia; and ¿South-South¿ workshops that bring together carefully identified statebuilding and peacebuilding practitioners across the regions and countries mentioned, with emphasis on comparative significance of best practices of statebuilding in relation to peacebuilding for West Africa and for Sub-Saharan Africa.

The first "South-South" meeting was held in Monrovia, Liberia in January 2014.

A second gathering is planned in Mandalay, Myanmar in June 2014.