Workshop in Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)

June 19- 23, 2014

The CPRP program promotes mutual experience and understanding between practitioners of peaceful development and progressive statebuilding who are located in different parts of the non-Western world. The CPRP project is designed to galvanize national and local knowledge from diverse world areas to facilitate positive and sustainable social and economic development in relation to the agents and institutions of the national state.

The CPRP program held a workshop in Mandalay, Myanmar on issues of land law and government policy by persons from Liberia, Guinea, India, Papua New Guinea, and Mongolia as well as Myanmar itself.

In addition to spending time in Mandalay, a field excursions was organized to Pwin Oo Lwin to visit and experience current conditions in Myanmar and to meet with land owner groups.

Conference Participants

Name Country
Bruce Knauft, Organizer USA
Mike McGovern, Organizer USA
Gerelmaa Amgaabazar, CPRP fellow Mongolia
Martin Brash, CPRP fellow Papua New Guinea
Pewee Flomoku, CPRP fellow Liberia
Maling Gombu, CPRP fellow India
Ali Kaba, CPRP fellow Liberia
SiuSue Mark, CPRP fellow Myanmar
Sarah Passawe, CPRP fellow Liberia
Tuya Shagdar, CPRP fellow Mongolia
Salai Thawng, CPRP fellow Myanmar
Alex Htoo Myanmar
Cin Khan Lian Myanmar
Ko Si Thu Myanmar